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For events and occasions large and small, the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society makes delight a certainty in appearances by its Long Island Harmonizers Chorus and personable quartets. One simple call or e-mail, and you are on the way to providing musical pleasure at a surprisingly low cost, well within your means.


What's in store when you book the Long Island Harmonizers for an appearance?


First of all, you'll be getting the all-male a cappella sound of a chorus of more than two dozen voices -- and the enjoyable chords that are unmistakably barbershop. And there will also be musical segments featuring our extremely talented quartets. The scripted presentations are guaranteed to provide audiences with a greater understanding of our art form through a wide range of music old and new.

"On the face of it" (or should we say faces?) it is quite easy to understand why having the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society perform is such a pleasurable experience. It starts with the happy on-stage faces of our members, and their eagerness to showcase an art form currently being sustained by approximately 25,000 society members. And it reaches across to the faces of seated audiences that immediately light up in response to our all-male sound of voices in a presentation that includes music that elicits a bit of nostalgia, music of today, the patriotic, the humorous, special songs to mark an occasion or perhaps a season, love songs, ballads, show music, and so on -- all in barbershop harmony bound to please.

Members of the Long Island Harmonizers can bring that enjoyment to your civic, fraternal, religious or other gatherings; to local libraries, and special events. Our show performances also include songs by our talented Chapter quartets, some intriguing interaction with our listeners, and lots more. To paraphrase: "have pitch pipes -- will travel." Our Chapter has been providing the gift of song to the local community for over 60 years, and would be pleased to offer its talents for you.

For more information, contact Bob Merrill by phoning 516-242-2059. Should you care to hear a sampling of our singing, it is available for you upon request for you to review. We look forward to hearing from you.

Book A Quartet

On your mark. Get ready. Get set to "glow" -- while listening to four voices with enjoyable repertoires that help fulfill the Barbershop Harmony Society's mandate to "Keep America Singing." You'll feel encouraged to sing along, and whether or not you do, sharing the delight with our quartets and those around you will make the experience even more rewarding. Let us bring a quartet to you.

The barbershop style of music, whether sung by a full chorus or four members in a quartet, has, of course, its very special mutual appeal. There is a basic difference between the two kinds of presentations though -- like the difference between listening to a full symphony orchestra and a chamber group. Hearing a skilled barbershop foursome is to experience the purity of each harmonic voice in a pleasurable blend. Moreover, there is also an intimacy that a smaller group can inherently provide.


The Long Island Harmonizers are fortunate to have several performing quartets that perfect their talents with rehearsals on their own, continually increase their repertoires, and always delighted to receive requests for appearances at moderate cost whether on stages, at street fairs, in malls, in living rooms, at restaurants -- wherever -- whether the arranged presentations call for just a few songs or longer performances that include explanations about "barbershop," sing-alongs and a bit of humor.

Here are our current quartets (with their e-mail and telephone contact information also listed):


Almost Famous:

Howie Bailin, Tenor; Tony Leone, Lead; Bob Miraglia, Baritone; Ken Wunsch, Bass.

Contact: or phone 516-433-9210


Just Duckie:

Harold Verity, Tenor; Steve Brausa, Lead; Maurice Debar, Bass; George Seelinger, Baritone. 


Let us put FUN in your function!  Whether it’s a small birthday party, a large reception or a routine organizational meeting, our quartet can make it memorable.   We’re Just Ducky! We have performed together for almost a decade and our members average over twenty years of experience singing acapella music in the barbershop style.  Our repertoire has old and new songs, up tempo numbers as well as ballads to keep our audiences tapping their feet and smiling. Whatever your musical need, we look forward to working with you to make your event special.  Let Hewey, Dewey, Lewey and George sing for your guests.  We’re Just Ducky!

For booking information call 516-921-8553 or email us at:



Available through Nassau Mid-Island Chapter member Steve Marrin. 

Contact: or phone 516-223-4705.


Quatrain is a barbershop quartet formed by four New York guys who have been singing together for more than 40 years and we still LUV it.

We've got an extensive song list, most of which was written between 1890 and 1940.  Our outfits are traditional barbershop, and our smiles will light up any party.

We've done many of the most interesting venues, such as Carnegie Hall, the Rainbow Room, and Planting Fields Arboretum. The majority of our gigs are repeat business. For instance, we recently sang for the ninth consecutive year at a private Long Island pool party.

Barbershop quartets like to compete.  We entered a Mid-Atlantic States regional contest in Pennsylvania in April '17 having not competed in about five years, and were pleasantly surprised when they announced that we got the highest score.

Many of our performances over the past several years have been as the "featured quartet" at several NY, NJ, and PA Barbershop Harmony Society annual Chapter Shows.  These choice opportunities have recognized us as a stand-out quartet by our peers.

We look forward to our next gig!

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