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HONORED -- Maurice Debar (right) shown with Nassau Mid-Island Chapter President Jon Ayers, paused for a moment off-stage at the barbershop organization's 62nd Annual Show after publicly being recognized with an award on behalf of a grateful membership, acknowledging Debar's 15 years as the Chapter's distinguished Musical Director (and still going strong).

LOOKING FORWARD TO BANNER DAYS:   Nassau Mid-Island Chapter President Jon Ayers (left) and the Board's George Seelinger recently showed members a newly produced banner that will be displayed at chorus performances to underscore a just launched Long Island Harmonizers umbrella campaign  with the words -- "Like to Sing? So Do We." The special theme that will also show up on the organization's handout literature, Chapter website, its publications and contribute to other print and electronic publicity efforts, is expected to bring additional members to an expanding roster.

"REGISTERING" VALENTINES PLEASURE:  Among the recipients of a Singing Valentine in our Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's annual program, was Mary Morettii , shown tending one of the registers at  Kohl's department store in Melville, LI  after being serenaded with two love songs by our tuxedoed AfterGlowWorms quartet. The totally unexpected surprise, arranged by her boyfriend through the Chapter, was one of more than 40 singing valentines offered over a three-day period in a successful 2012 program chaired by Joel Fairman with help from Hal Verity, the enthusiastic support by our entire Chapter, and the participation of obliging members grouped in different foursomes.


DESERVED RECOGNITION: Hal Verity (left) accepts a "Golden Gavel Award" for his leadership and contributions as President of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter in 2011.  Presenting the special plaque on behalf of the grateful Chapter was Vinnie Colonna.  

BSOY: No stranger to awards on both the Barbershop Harmony Society's national and local levels, Steve Stojowski (right)  is honored with a special plaque as the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's "Barbershopper of the Year" for 2011. Doing the honors, is the awards committee's Vinnie Colonna

MUSIC MEN:  Local audiences recently found themselves in River City, Iowa for a bit, thanks to several Stage Right Studio performances of Meredith Wilson's "Music Man" offered at The Theatre at Twin Oaks Country Day School in Freeport. Shown playing (and singing) their barbershop quartet role in the enormously popular musical were (left to right) Tommy Barone, Bill Vesely, Ken Wunsch, and Wayne Lazar -- the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's "No Treble At All."


EAGER TO PLEASE:  Approximately 125 barber-shoppers from Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk gathered at the rehearsal facilities of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter in late October to join in a joyous evening of Inter-Chapter singing and camaraderie. Here, under the direction of Maurice Debar, members of the Long Island Harmonizers exuberantly show off their vocal skills with a rendition of "South Rampart Street Parade."


THE "SHOW" GOES ON:  "Barbershop Behind the Glass" --an exhibit developed by the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, has moved to the Levittown Public Library (1 Bluegrass Lane)  for a month-long run in October following its appearance in several sister libraries during 2011.  Here, Jacklyn J. Nogan, Levittown Library's Public Relations Director, discusses the exhibit with its creator, Bob Heim, the Chapter's VP Marketing and Public Relations.  The more than 40 visuals draw attention to the origins, growth and place of barbershopping in the musical culture of today.


"SHOP" TALK:  Jeanette Donohue, Community Activities Coordinator with the Syosset Public Library was on hand in late September to welcome Musical Director Maurice Debar, members of The Long Harmonizers chorus and two of its quartets, for an hour of entertainment for some 150 library patrons. Here, Donohue and Debar take a moment to discuss the program prior to its presentation in the library's superb auditorium.


SOLEMN OCCASION:  Some 30 members of The Long Harmonizers chorus were privileged to sing at Nassau County remembrance ceremonies honoring those who lost their lives on that tragic September day a decade ago.  Several of the members are pictured on stage in Eisenhower Park prior to their vocal contribution -- a rendition of "God Bless America" led by Assistant Conductor Steve Stojowski.


THAT'S OUR DANNY --  Slated for appearance as contestants on the NBC TV show "Sing Off," which will be seen Monday nights this fall starting September 19, 2011, is Danny Freeman along with the Dartmouth Aires -- the college's oldest a cappella group. Danny sang with the Long Island Harmonizers chorus (as did his dad, Steve) in 2009 before the enthusiastic barbershopper began his undergraduate studies and other vocal pursuits that fall. We'll be watching, applauding, and, of course, rooting you on. Break a leg!

TIME -- A PRECIOUS COMMODITY -- Jeff  Glemboski (left), outstanding bass with the award-winning 'Round Midnight barbershop quartet obligingly gave some of his time in order to serve as guest conductor of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus in the brief absence of organization's musical director, Maurice Debar. Shown with Glemboski prior to the start of the summertime rehearsal, were Tony Leone (center) and Joe Massaro.  




VOICING THEIR PLEASURE at being invited to present a two-hour show at Eisenhower Park, the jewel of Nassau County’s park system centrally located in East Meadow , were members of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus. The July presentation under the direction of Chorus Musical Director Maurice Debar, also included several of the organization's quartets as well as the instrumental talents of two of its members, and was part of a summertime noontime concert series offered at the 930-acre park.


HEATED DISCUSSIONS: Blistering temperatures in the high 90's did not deter Long Island Harmonizers chorus members, wives and significant others from thoroughly enjoying a late-July party hosted by the Veritys (in what has become an annual affair).  Here, Chapter President Hal (with snow shovel in hand), smilingly joins with his wife Lois and two lovely daughters, Karen (in blue) and Ellen, in turning thoughts to the time of year when much colder conditions will most certainly prevail.



WANTED -- HELPING HANDS:  Nassau Mid-Island Chapter VP - Marketing and Public Relations Bob Heim is shown in advance of launching his promotional campaign that seeks top of mind dedication in strengthening both the local Chapter and the Barbershop Harmony Society each and every day. With its tag line: "Did You Contribute a Grain of Sand Today?" the campaign observes that every new grain helps build a bigger "beach" for barbershopping. Every day, whatever way, it points out, it all adds up.  




A SPECIAL PLACE IN OUR HEARTS:  Among those present at  "Ladies' Night - 2011" to receive the gratitude of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter were (from left) Elaine Glicksman, Peggy Butler and Joan Rampola whose late husbands Sam, Joe and John gave so much as longtime members of the organization. The yearly affair to honor the Chapter's supportive ladies was again held at the elegant Swan Club in Roslyn, LI.







SIT BACK, RELAX was the invitation in body language and lyrics when the Long Island Harmonizers chorus, quartets and featured guest quartet -- Aces Full -- from Virginia, performed for over two hours at Carle Place H.S. May 14-15, More pictures from the organization's 61st Annual Show can be accessed by the link above.


AM IN THE PM:  Afternoon radio personality Joe Satta (left) of Long Island's WHLI (1100 on the AM dial), helped publicize the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's 61st Annual Show with an in-studio appearance of (from left) Joe Massaro, Maurice Debar, Hal Verity and Steve Brausa who chatted with Satta and also sang "Under the Boardwalk" for the station's listening audience. On hand with them were Bob Heim, Chapter Public Relations as well as John Brolly, Chapter Develop-ment, responsible for  successfully arranging an advertising program with the highly popular station.


A THREE BASS "HIT":  Music educator Adam Scott (right) from the Barbershop Harmony Society's headquarters in Nashville was on hand to give a coaching assist at a Long Island Harmonizers chorus rehearsal in April as the members looked ahead to their 61st Annual Show as well as a Division Competition (and hopes of scoring well). Here, Scott takes a moment to be pictured with three of the Chapter's basses (from left) Steve Stojowski, Bernie Genzer and Bill Hardman.  Our thanks to you, Adam, from the entire chorus for your valuable help.


NOW THAT'S A COMMUTE --  Richard Conant (left) guest at a Nassau Mid-Island Chapter rehearsal, finds himself right at home with members (from left) Steve Brausa, Bill Ruth and George Seelinger, despite the fact that his real home is in the State of Washington. Conant, who intends to become a Chapter member, splits his time between his West Coast residence and Long Island, where he is associated with a company called Purity Products. Welcome, Rich.




WELL DESERVED HONORS: Nassau Mid-Island Chapter member Tommy Barone is recently pictured at special ceremonies associated with the retirement of his East Rockaway High School football jersey (initially done when he graduated in 2004).  A former defensive player on the team, Tommy finds himself again in the spotlight as a "receiver" --honored as the first and only student on Long Island to play varsity football with a physical disability (he was born with mild cerebral palsy).  A tenor in our Long Island Harmonizers chorus for the past three years, #78 was also named Newsday’s "Unsung Hero" in 2004, and was a recipient of the New York State "Ridell Twelfth Man Award."  We're all rewarded to have you sing with us, Tommy.



A "FAIR" PERFORMANCE (WITH A DESERVED 5-STAR RATING) -- The members of the Long Island Harmonizers, in attendance at an afternoon fair as part of the City of Long Beach's 14th Annual Fall Festival, produced enthusiastic response by an outdoor audience that heard the chorus and two of its quartets offer a combination of old and new songs, barbershop-style.

GETTING A-ROUND -- Long Island Harmonizers Chorus director Maurice Debar uses a "circle of fifths" (actually, a circle of randomly placed baritones, basses, tenors and leads) in a warm-up technique that allows members to listen carefully to each other and achieve a good blend of voices in providing total chorus sound.

POSTER BOY -- Bob Miraglia, under whose personal coordination and direction (along with Sue Johnson) led to the Nassau Mid-Island  Chapter's new official photo, proudly holds the results in poster form. The photo will be used in a myriad of ways.

OUR BILL (FAR FROM AN ORDINARY GUY) -- With is wife Florence by his side and their sons (left to right) Bill, Tom, John and Kevin also joining them, Bill Schlageter was the man of the hour(s) as  family and friends gathered to  celebrate in advance of his 90th birthday (October 3) at a Williston Park, LI  restaurant.  Bill's love of barber-shopping was duly noted with the singing appearance of a Nassau Mid-Island Chapter foursome composed of  John Laughlin, Vinnie Colonna, George Seelinger and Bob Heim.  A devoted barbershopper for over 40 years, Bill has been a Mid-Islander since 1976.


..AND THE PARTY CONTINUED with a celebratory surprise at the Chapter rehearsal four days later, with the "birthday boy" surrounded by his additional fans --.barbershoppers all.













THE PLAY'S THE THING -- Nassau Mid-Islander member Karel Boersma (right) discusses participation regarding November 2010 and February 2011 Long Island performances of the play Jekyll and Hyde  with VP Chapter Development John Brolly under which bookings for the Maguire Theater production (using the promo code "harmony") not only can bring monetary rewards to SUNY Old Westbury, but the Chapter as well.  Tickets can be purchased directly by following the “Buy Tickets” link on the Jekyll & Hyde website: w.jekyllandhydelongisland.com








RAPT SESSION --   The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's Quatrain quartet, holds the members spellbound with an advance opportunity to hear a competition "package" (and a few bonus treats), during a recent rehearsal of the Long Island Harmonizers Chorus.












A "THIRST" FOR BARBERSHOPPING -- Jon Ayers (right) a barbershopper for 39 years and new member of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, chats with Chapter quartet, Quatrain (left to right) Bob Kelly, tenor; Steve Marrin, lead; Al Fennell, bass and Tom Brucia, baritone; about their common passion for four-part harmony and the singing benefits of drinking water to keep vocal chords moist and the body hydrated. Quatrain entertained the Chapter with 15 minutes of song during a recent rehearsal.



SOWING THE SEEDS OF BARBERSHOP INTEREST:  Grandparents' Day Celebrations offered in September at Old Westbury Gardens, one of Long Island's top attractions for both tourists and area residents, included a 45-minute outdoors performance of a wide range of songs in barbershop style by the Long Island Harmonizers chorus as well as several of its quartets.







WITH 'TELLING' RESULTS --  Nassau Mid-Island Chapter Program VP and  master of ceremonies extrordinaire Bill Ruth, up to the task with prepared script, humorous asides and several jokes well-told, helped bring sunshine to an otherwise gray day during a special performance of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus & quartets offered at  Westbury Gardens, Westbury, NY.










"DOORWAY" TO SINGING PLEASURES:  Mary Bouloukos, co-owner of the Seacrest Diner along with husband Nicholas, shows support for the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's "Stick Around" membership drive underway in September by taping a special Chapter flyer on one of its doors. The diner, a favorite of  Long Island Harmonizers chorus members, is located at 4 Glen Cove Road in Old Westbury, near the Chapter's Tuesday night rehearsal facilities  -- Winthrop Hall, Church of the Advent.








GIVE US THOSE WIDE OPEN PLACES  -- Protected from the day's blistering summertime sun, the Long Island Harmonizers chorus found its location on the 930 acres of Eisenhower Park (largest in Nassau County) just perfect for entertaining pleased listeners on hand for its 50-minute show -- part of a noontime concert  series offered free by the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums.




UNASHAMEDLY  A "PLANT" FOR THIS SNAPSHOT  --  Lois Verity (proudly exhibiting her love of gardens) rightfully takes her place at the insistence of our photographer in a picture with (l to r) husband Hal, Peter Kenny and Bill Ruth, during a summertime party annually hosted by the Veritys and attended by the organization's members, wives and significant others.












QUARTER(S) NOTE:  Thanks to the kindness of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's Hal Verity and his Calvary Protestant Church (located in Baldwin at 2801 Park Ave), the Long Island Harmonizers chorus has officially moved its Tuesday rehearsal nights to the church's cool air-conditioned comfort  during the sizzling-heat months of July and August. Here, pictured (at left) with Hal, Chapter member Rudy Eckhardt learns about the capacity of his new practice room. (OK, ok...give us some time -- we may have to a way to go, but we're working on it.)   





A LUCKY SEVEN  on hand (left to right) for the Barbershop Harmony Society's 72nd Annual International Convention and Contests held in Philadelphia, were the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's Steve Ritz, Bob Heim, Steve Stojowski, Ken Wunsch, George Seelinger, Maurice Debar and Dave D'Antonio.  Thrilled chapter members there as well were Bernie Genzer, John Brolly, Peter Kenny, Steve Marrin (and his chapter quartet Quatrain), Marvin Goodman, plus our Lifetime Chapter Member, Joe Cerutti, not to mention (but we'd be remiss if we did NOT mention them) supportive wives, significant others and family members.


WELL WOULDN'T YOU SMILE? -- Proud as he can be is Joe Cerutti (second from left), Director of the Alexandria Harmonizers that placed fifth as a medalist in the chorus competition held at the 2010 International Convention in Philadelphia.  Cerutti, whose contributions to the musical growth of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society earned him a Lifetime Chapter membership, is pictured with a similarly proud threesome (from left),  the Chapter's Steve Stojowski, Treasurer; Maurice Debar, Musical Director; and George Seelinger, President.  Way to go, Joe.





A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH? HARDLY! -- Bob Heim, an attendee at the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2010 Int'l Convention in Philadelphia, knows that wherever he goes, a little encouragement goes a long way in attracting new members to the Society.  Here, it's a uniformed "local" that supplies a strong bass in an on-the-spot barbershop example of his singing. (We hear that Bob and his new acquaintance began their conversation by reminiscing about their days in the service.)  Whoa!








"HI" SCHOOLERS -- It began on a New York subway with Nassau Mid-Island Chapter member Steve Stojowski hearing two high schoolers practicing some barbershop harmonies, continued with his invitation for them (and the others in their quartet) to attend a future rehearsal, and resulted in just that.  The foursome (left to right), Kevin Montevirgen, tenor; Shawn Geller, lead; Gerald Tabaosares, bass; and Andrew Jorquera, bari;  are shown  with Chapter President George Seelinger.  Called the BBQs (for Bronx Barbershop Quartet), the teens who actively participated in the rehearsal including performing two songs on their own, all attend The Bronx High School of Science.





NOW, THAT WAS EASY -- Aspiring Long Island Harmonizers chorus member Don Bloomfield (center) discovers that auditioning for the largest such Barbershop Harmony Society chapter on Long Island is as worry free as singing in his shower at home.  With him are John Brolly, the organization's VP Chapter Development (providing the shower head to put Don in the mood); and Maurice Debar, musical director of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter. The Mid-Islanders continue to add to their expanding roster throughout the year.








MAKING HER "POINT" -- Sr. Bernadette DeMayo, volunteer coordinator at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic in Amityville, thanks the Long Island Harmonizers chorus and its quartets for a special hour-long Sunday afternoon performance for retired members of their Order and guests.








THANKS (CARTER) FOR THE MEMORIES:  The thoughtfulness of Manhattanite Carter Tyler has brought the Chapter a bit of its long history in the form of a Souvenir Special Events Program handed out in connection with "New York State Barbershop Quartet Day, " held July 18, 1964, at the New York World's Fair. The program indicates a 3 p.m. appearance by the Mid-Island Chapter chorus -- " talented singers ranging in age from 18 to 74 who will feature Barber Shop singing to bring back memories of the 20's." It also refers to two Chapter quartets on hand to perform -- The Royal-Airs and the Dashing Dans.  Displaying the now framed program while expressing gratitude to Mr. Tyler for his gift on behalf of a most appreciative Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, are Stan Squires (center), 48-year Chapter member who sang at the event long ago; George Seelinger, President (right); and Ken Wunsch, the organization's Secretary.


ROLLING OUT THE WELCOME MAT:  John Brolly (fourth from left) , VP Chapter Development for the Long Island Harmonizers chorus offers a pleased Nassau Mid-Island Chapter welcome to (from left) Vince Sauchelli, Charles Muscarnera, Bill Cooper. Jon Ayers and Tom Orr at the organization's "Guest Night" kickoff to its spring membership drive. Thanks for coming, fellas. We wish you many happy returns. 





CHAPTER READING:  A barbershop arrangement of "Honey Little 'Lize" receives the scrutiny by a pair of new eyes, as Jon Ayers (third from left) lends his bass voice as part of a Nassau Mid-Island Chapter quartet also including (from left) Bill Ruth (tenor), Bart Peluso (lead) and Bob Miraglia (bari).  Ayers was among those present at a recent "Guest Night" helping to launch a spring membership drive underway by the organization. 









SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE: The Long Island Harmonizers chorus marked the birthday of the Barbershop Harmony Society (a.k.a. Society for The Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA) 72 years ago, with it's 60th Annual Show - performing before enthusiastic audiences of barbershop devotees and those new to the cherished art form on that April 11th date this year (as well as the night before) at Carle Place High School, Carle Place, LI.  







"TIMELY" -- Chiz Bell (left) accepts the gratitude of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, for 20 years as the dedicated editor and publisher of "Toosday Toons" -- the organization's monthly publication -- and a token of that appreciation fom chapter president George Seelinger with a  "Book Clock"  that carries a replica of a "Toons" cover with Bell's photo and the text of a specially created story centering on the honor. The presentation was made during the 60th Annual Show of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus. 












"TRAIN CREW" --  On hand to set up the railroad terminal backdrop for the the "Fantasy Express" -- prior the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's 60th Annual Show centering on a musical barbershop tribute to major "stops" the length and breadth of the USA, are (left to right) Chapter Show Chairman Hal Verity; Richard Stein, with Carle Place High School (Music Department); along with the chapter's Vinnie Colonna, George Seelinger, John Brolly, Gene Kammerer, Ken Wunsch and Bob Roth.









"H-A-DOUBLE P-Y"... ONE  WAY TO SPELL ST. PAT'S CAMARADERIE exhibited by (left to right) Chiz Bell, George Seelinger and Bill Vesley who, with other Nassau Mid-Islanders,  celebrated the special time at the conclusion of a recent rehearsal.  Thanks for the appropriate colors, guys.








"LOGO-MOTIVE" --  With all signals go for the appearance of its "Fantasy Express" -- the musical train set to take the Carle Place H.S. stage April 10-11 -- George Seelinger (left) Nassau Mid-Island Chapter President, and Hal Verity,  2010 Chairman for the organization's Annual Show, offered thanks on behalf of the membership to Scott Brannon, lead with the highly acclaimed  "Our Town" quartet, with an honorary logo patch to recognize his significant coaching help in advance of the evening and matinee shows.




SINGING FROM THE DIAGRAM:  (From left) Hal Verity, show chairman for the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's 60th Annual Show; discusses the specific positioning of  Long Island Harmonizers chorus members to be placed on risers at Carle Place High School, with Maurice Debar, the organization's musical director, as well as knowledgeable vocal coach Ron Meixell on hand to offer suggestions in technique at a special Saturday rehearsal in advance of  performances set for the evening of Saturday, April 10 and the afternoon of Sunday, April 11.










SCHOOL BELLE:  Nassau Mid-Island Chapter "Singing Valentines" participants (left to right) Maurice Debar, John Brolly, Wayne Lazar and Hal Verity (looking spiffy indeed in their tuxes), contribute to this "class in session" involving a surprised and pleased Kathy Brolly -- the lovely recipient of two songs, a rose and special attention scheduled by hubby John during her work day at Charles Campagne Elementary School in Bethpage.







MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT:  Publicity for the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's "Singing Valentines" program - 2010 included cooperative interest from WHLI-Radio -- the Long Island A.M. station that offers its devoted listeners all-time musical favorites along with standards of yesterday and today. Pictured at its Farmingdale studios with popular "Morning Show" host Paul Richards (center) are (from left) the chapter's Bob Heim, Bart Peluso, John Brolly and George Seelinger. An on-air interview by an enthusiastic Richards included the barbershop performance of one of the Valentine songs, information about the three-days of presentations, followed by an edited video regarding the segment on WHLI's website home page (and placed on Youtube). Permit us to offer a tip of our (barbershop) hats to WHLI 1100 and all the media -- electronic and print -- that offered such kind support to this annual Barbershop Harmony Society fund raising event, Joel Fairman and Steve Brausa who tirelessly ran it, plus our musical director and chapter members that worked to make it happen.  


"PRESENT" (AND ACCOUNTED FOR) -- Maurice Debar,  director of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus, received a most deserved thank-you gift at year's end for efforts that have witnessed both a significant  increase in membership as well as substantial musical growth in the performance of barbershop repertoire. With Debar for the presentation on behalf of an appreciative chorus, was the chapter's  Bob Roth.









INSTRUMENTAL in helping to shape the musical love exhibited by his son, Brendan -- co-principal cellist with the Long Island Youth Orchestra -- has been his proud dad , Dan Gilmartin, web designer for the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter. They are pictured following the first concert of the new season offered by the exceptionally gifted group of young players, with  Bob Heim, our chapter's webmaster.











LET THE GOOD TIMES "ROLL" --  Maurice Debar, musical director of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus, chats with Molloy College student Curtis Haywood at a recent Tuesday evening rehearsal.   Curtis, majoring in music therapy at the school leading to a master's degree, filmed chapter members happily singing barbershop-style music for a class assignment on "World Music."  







"SUITED" FOR HIS ROLE as a gifted Santa is Joe Cerutti, director of the Alexandria Harmonizers, the performing arm of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Alexandria chapter. Cerutti, who holds life membership in the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, made the career move to the international champion Virginia chorus after completing his musical schooling in Boston and, prior to that, several years contributing his considerable talents to our Long Island Harmonizers chorus (most certainly, his special gift to us).  







CLASS ACT:  Nassau Mid-Island Chapter members represented at the North Leadership Academy held in New Jersey at the Morris Plains Community Center in December were (from left) Steve Marrin, George Seelinger, Steve Stojowski, Bill Ennis, Chiz Bell, Ken Wunsch, John Brolly, Bob Heim and Bill Grieshaber.  The one day of training centered on skills necessary to accomplish activities associated with healthy barbershop chapters.





"SEEIN' YA" SERENADING prior to Christmas and Channukah took the Long Island Harmonizers chorus to St. Johnland Nursing Home in Kings Park , LI for a special Sunday afternoon performance of  holiday music following arrangements by chapter member Joel Fairman. The entertained seniors also listened to one of the vocal organization's talented quartets -- Long Island Express. 





"VOCAL" IN THEIR ACTIVE SUPPORT OF F.A.N.S. (Friends Assisting Nassau Seniors), and in particular the charity's Meals On Wheels program, were members of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, who again set aside part of the proceeds from the group's annual show offered in 2009 to support the worthwhile cause.  Shown during the presentation of the check on behalf of the Chapter to Steven Krieger, president of F.A.N.S., are (from left), George Seelinger, the organization's president; Steve Stojowski, treasurer and member Dave D'Antonio.








INTER-CHAPTER HOSTS, the Long Island Harmonizers Chorus under the direction of Maurice Debar, had the privilege of singing two songs to close to 100 guest barbershoppers in attendance at its mid-October event.   









SPREADIN' THE 'KNEWS':  Invited by director Joe Hunter to sing "New York, New York" with Big Apple Chorus members in attendance at a recently-held Inter-Chapter evening hosted by the Long Island Harmonizers Chorus, were other guests on hand familiar with the barbershop arrangement. The night's pleasures included representation by eight choruses and eight quartets including the recently crowned champions, 'Round Midnight.






ANSWERING HIS PAGE:  Charles Crocco of the Big Apple Chorus, takes a moment to test his barbershop know-how with 17 trivia questions (answers also provided), given as a little memento to guests in connection with a successful Inter-Chapter evening hosted by the Long Island Harmonizers Chorus.









TRES ("TRAY") BIEN:  French for "very good" -- and in any language, a nice sendoff for Dartmouth-bound Danny Freeman by his Aunt Eleanore and Uncle Larry at a recent Nassau Mid-Island Chapter rehearsal. The mustachioed twosome along with Danny's mom (Karen) and dad (Steve) were on hand to thank the chorus for Danny's musical summertime experience and to pass out food treats including cookies with mustaches, too. Steve Freeman's intention, meanwhile, while his son is on campus? To become an active member of the L.I. barbershop chapter.  









POINTERS: Guest conductor Larry Bomback (left), and  Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's  assistant director, Steve Stojowski recently "found the time" during a rehearsal break to chat about the winning way's of the tenor's quartet -- 'Round Midnight. "Pointers" were, in fact, what the evening was all about. Bomback offered a number of them concerning his conducting techniques as well as their application in the interpretation of several practiced songs.






"RELATIVE" PITCH:  Maurice Debar, musical director of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus, joins in some vocal fun with interested father and son Steve and Danny Freeman.  The Huntington twosome -- Danny at left is a tenor; Steve is a bass -- both barbershop enthusiasts,  added their voices as guests while sampling chorus repertoire.     

BACH TO THE FUTURE!  Bob Heim, Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's marketing and public relations v.p. gives George Seelinger, the organization's president, the first look at  his one-of-a-kind T-shirt aimed at sparking inquiries about the Barbershop Harmony Society when worn in shopping malls and elsewhere.  Bob's humorous approach pictures the great composer holding a pitch pipe and asking for a "standard tune up." Under the photo are the words...The "Three B's" --  Bach, B-Flat and Barbershopping.






"FIRST LADY" Pat Seelinger (the wife of our dedicated Nassau Mid-Island Chapter President) joined a large assemblage of other "first ladies" (spouses and others in the hearts of Long Island Harmonizers chorus members) at the organization's annual "Ladies' Night" dinner held in mid-June at the elegant Swan Club located in Glenwood Landing, NY, where the women received sincere thanks for their support.











FRONT AND CENTER: The 65th anniversary of the Normandy landings during World War II received special attention at a June 6th D-Day performance by the Long Island Harmonizers chorus at  East Woods School in Oyster Bay, where members offered patriotic songs as well as music of the period. Here (center, left to right) Bob Heim, Vincent Colonna, Joe Massaro and Chiz Bell, among the armed forces veterans in the organization, provide the musical introduction to "God Bless America." 




PLANTING THE SEEDS OF BARBERSHOP INTEREST at a mid-May "Family Day" sing-out at Bailey Aboretum on Long Island's North Shore were members of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus under the direction of Maurice Debar.








"CAROUSEL-EBRANTS" -- Official cere-monies marking the restoration, re-location and reappearance of the landmark Nunley's Amusement Park carousel that operated between 1940 and 1995 in Baldwin, LI took place in early May at its new "home" on Museum Row in Garden City, where Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, pictured with two barbershop quartets from our Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, was on hand for the ribbon-cutting and the first day's riders. Providing appropriate music befitting the occasion were (from left) George Seelinger, Steve Stojowski, Bart Peluso, Bob Miraglia, Hal Verity, Maurice Debar, Bob Heim and Joe Massaro.  





Click here for larger version of this photo."JOURNEY-MEN"- The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's 59th Annual Show presented April 17 and 18 at Mineola High School offered a musical "Journey of Love" as expressed by members of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus under the direction of Maurice Debar.   

Click the photo for a larger version.










GUEST IN THE HOUSE: Jeff Glemboski (left), gifted bass of 'Round Midnight, was recently on hand at a Tuesday night  rehearsal of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus to put members through their paces with boundless energy in the brief absence of the group's musical director, Maurice Debar. With Jeff, is the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's assistant director, Steve Stojowski.  










QUITE A SITE: Dan Gilmartin (center), with his wife Colleen by his side, has become the latest recipient of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's prestigious "Beyond the  Baton" award for his mastery in website design for the chapter, and  contributions creatively focusing attention on the organization and its activities. Presenting the award, given for "non singing" efforts of special note, is chapter president George Seelinger.  






FOR THE "DEWEY-EYED" --  Learning about barbershop singing and the melodic pleasures it produces did not require The Dewey Decimal System at the Plainview - Old Bethpage Library in mid-December... simply "lookups" towards a stage filled with members of The Long Island Harmonizers Chorus to experience the special art form expressed in a program of holiday music and other songs. Oh that headgear worn by some? Reindeer antlers, of course.





OFFERING THANKS FOR A "MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT": George Seelinger, president of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society was on hand to present Phil Scaduto (left) and his owner son Joe of Phil's Barbershop in Bellmore, NY with a special award recognizing their cooperation in the kick-off of the chapter's new "Barbershop For Barbershops" program in which patrons and others on hand enjoy sounds of barbershop quartet singing and better understand the close historical connection between barbershops and that musical art form.




"HEAR" CUT: The October launch of a novel "Barbershop For Barbershops" program by the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society brought a singing foursome (from left: Hal Verity, Bob Miraglia, Bernie Genzer and Maurice Debar) to Phil's Barbershop in Bellmore, NY where the entertained listeners included this delighted patron as well as Joe Scaduto, owner of the establishment that has been offering its services to the community for more than 40 years.





HEAR TODAY -- BARBERSHOPPER (PERHAPS) TOMORROW: The Long Island Harmonizers chorus held the rapt attention of delighted listeners including this potential member (Class of 2029?) at The City of Long Beach's annual Fall Festival. The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's quartets also performed.












The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter’s AfterGloWorms will now be able to add “feature movies” to their enviable performance credits, following their participation in a movie currently in production starring Jamey Sheridan, versatile actor of stage, screen and TV (including Law & Order, Criminal Intent). The movie, with the working title “Handsome Harry” is set for release in theaters early next year. Here, Mr. Sheridan poses with our talented four.







SEPTEMBER SONG: A special surprise by father-of the-bride John Crouthamel for his daughter Mandy Lee recently attested to one the family's other great loves -- barbershop singing. At the Long Island wedding reception following the September betrothal, the radiant bride is shown with the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's You Four-A-Ya quartet after the foursome's serenading that included Daddy's Little Girl, Mandy and an arrangement of the song, Mandy Lee. Barbershopping has long been a part of Crouthamel enjoyment, with dad, among other things, once a member of the Dapper Dans of Harmony chorus (NJ) for 13 years. Brother-in-law Dick Berkshire (on hand to later join the quartet in some polecats), has been associated with barbershopping even longer -- some 40 years.



SHOWING EXCELLENCE DURING A "FAIR" PERFORMANCE: This year's Williston Day Craft and Street Fair held in East Williston (Sept. 21) included a free open-air performance by the Long Island Harmonizers chorus and its quartets, grabbing the attention of hundreds of listeners.











"PINCH HITTER" --  Larry Bomback (left), talented tenor with the highly acclaimed Road Trip and 'Round Midnight barbershop quartets, recently accepted an invitation by the Long Island Harmonizers chorus to "step up to the plate" and conduct a Tuesday night rehearsal in the absence of musical director Maurice Debar. Here, in a light moment during a break,  Bomback checks his bases,  that -- in this case -- included (left to right) Bill Hardman, Ed Andreassen and Bernie Genzer.







STREET SMARTS -- A "Drive For Membership" approach by the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter takes the form of  magnetic stickers bearing the words "Singers Wanted" and the website address of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus. To be placed on cars of members (here, Bob Heim adds his) the stickers are expected to be an effective vehicle in expanding the organization's current roster. 












TIES THAT BIND:  The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's annual "Ladies' Night" (held this year at the Swan Club in Glenwood Landing), provided an opportunity for the membership to express their great appreciation to the organization's biggest fans -- the supportive ladies in their lives.  Here, Bill McCoy's wife Mary, pictured with (from left)  Bob Roth, Bill Ruth and Bob Crochere, proudly shows that barbershop ties involving the Long Island Harmonizers chorus most certainly include her.







"RED-Y" (WILLING AND ABLE) --  New for active members of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter are these shirts bearing the distinctive logo of the Long Island Harmonizers chorus. Pictured distributing the bright red shirts to Gene Kammerer (center) and Bob Miraglia (right) is Will McCoy, who arranged for their production.


STRIVING FOR PURR-FECTION -- Songs that make up the "Barberpole Cat" repertoire came in for Steve Stojowski review in early July when he admirably assumed the full-rehearsal role of assistant musical director in the absence of Maurice Debar (away at B.H.S.'s International Convention in Nashville). Thanks Steve.








CLASSY? WHY, OF COURSE:  The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's You Four-A-Ya quartet (from left) Bart Peluso, Bob Heim, Will McCoy and George Seelinger received two full days of intensive coaching, and member Peter Kenny benefited from a number of specialized classes in barbershopping at Harmony College East 2008, held in mid-June at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. Representing the chapter as well (but not pictured) were Bill Ennis and Bill Grieshaber. The quartet also performed at one of the evening shows.






UNDER THE WEATHER -- in this case sizzling ninety degree temperatures produced by an unsympathetic sun -- were Nassau Mid-Island Chapter members, shown performing in (somewhat) protected comfort on grounds adjacent to Farmingdale Village Hall -- part of the community's 2008 Strawberry Festival. The mid-afternoon heat did not deter the enthusiasm of listeners that gathered to also hear selections by two of the chapter's quartets and a bit of banjo strumming/singing by Bill Hardman accompanied by bass-playing Steve Stojowski.




HEY - THOSE JACKETS LOOK AWFULLY FAMILIAR:  Steven Ritz (left) and Harry Forrest of The Pine Barons Chorus from Cherry Hill NJ proudly wear bright red jackets that once served as a uniform option in the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter, finding them a perfect fit for their annual show with the theme "River City Reunion." The borrowed jackets, observed Ritz (who still retains membership status in our L.I. chapter) performed admirably "despite being louder than the combined output of our bass section." 






FOCUS GROUP:  Kayla Frost (second from left), producer, and Melissa Meditz, a co-producer for a Hofstra University television show entitled "Four Your Island" (FYI), join Nassau Mid-Island Chapter musical director Maurice Debar (left) and chapter president George Seelinger for discussions and initial filming at a recent rehearsal, leading up to a segment devoted to the Long Island Harmonizers chorus and the enjoyment of barbershopping. FYI -- focusing on the arts, culture and entertainment -- is the creation of Hofstra's TV production students.





HE'S "ACCEPT-TIONAL":  Hal Verity (left) receives a well-deserved "Beyond the Baton" award (for noteworthy non-singing contributions) from the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. With George Seelinger, president, performing the honors,  Verity was formally thanked for his wide range of "get ready" efforts relating to the organization's rehearsals and in-performance appearances during the year. 






GETTING WITH THE PROGRAM at the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's annual January dinner at which the organization's officers and trustees for the new year are officially installed, is George Seelinger, incoming president for 2008











CLOTHES ENCOUNTER OF AN HONOREE KIND:  Dave Antonio (right), whose Long Island Harmonizers responsibilities include that of uniforms procurement and maintenance, holds a "Beyond the Baton" award acknowledging his hard and tireless work insuring that Nassau Mid-Island Chapter members "uniformly look their best" at all times. Doing the honors on behalf of the chapter is its president, Vinnie Colonna, holding one of the organization's blue blazers now bearing the new logo for the chorus.











MARIAN THE LIBRARIAN?: No -- make it Nadine Connors, Cultural Program Specialist with the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library, shown finding out about barbershop "tags" from Long Island Harmonizers Musical Director Maurice Debar prior to an outdoor summertime singout by members of the Nassau-Mid Island Chapter chorus, three of its quartets, plus the special inclusion of two songs offered by banjo- and bass-players Bill Hardman and Steve Stojowski.








"NET" WORKING: Following operating-team meetings of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Mid-Atlantic District recently held in Roanoke, VA, Steve Stojowski (standing at right) Events Treasurer for M.A.D. (and member of the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter) joined (standing from left) Lee Roth, the District's V.P. Marketing and Public Relations; Chuck Harner, V.P. Contest and Judging; and Allan Dean, the District's new Youth in Harmony V.P.; for some impromptu hotel-lobby barbershopping -- and in the process, the applause and admiration of  several delighted youngsters that had just captured a basketball State Championship for their age group. A photo naturally ensued (with the good chance that new fans were added insofar as our cherished art form).


A BENNY FOR THEIR THOUGHTS:  In a musical spoof in which a bewigged Bill Ruth (left) explains to his Long Island Express barbershop quartet that "Benny's From Heaven," the tiny tot also takes center stage during a recent performance at  M.S. 172 (Altman Beacon School) in Bellerose, Queens. Long Island Harmonizers and several of its quartets entertained for about an hour .   








APPLE OF THEIR EYES:  Joe Hunter, director of Manhattan's prestigious Big Apple Chorus, recently received the gratitude (and attentiveness) of Nassau Mid-Island Chapter members, as he offered his considerable expertise in showing how to musically heighten emotional expression in several in-rehearal songs. Carefully listening as well is Maurice Debar, director of the Long Island chorus.







A "WIN, WIN" SITUATION:  Chiz Bell (center) is shown accepting the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's second "Beyond the Baton" award from the organization's first winner, Bill Ruth, as President Vinnie Colonna proudly looks on. The honor, which recognizes major non-singing contributions to the chapter, was presented with deep appreciation for Bell's "unswerving dedication as publication editor, excellence in reporting and writing (since 1990 with "The Voice," later called "Toosday Toons"), and for his continued chronicling of chapter activity."










DESERVING OF A HAND (...AND AWARD): Nassau Mid-Island Chapter's Bill Ruth (right) recently received the heartfelt thanks of his fellow members with the presentation of the organization's first "Beyond the Baton" award, aimed at honoring distinguished non-singing contributions to the chapter. Presenting the award recognizing Bill's singout responsibilities as master of ceremonies, accomplished on behalf of the chorus "with professionalism and special humor," is Vincent Colonna, chapter president.












'PITCH' FOR A NEW MEMBER: It's never to young to start 'em in barbershop, right? Three-month-old Jonathan gets into the act with the help of granddad Hal Verity, at the Verity's annual summertime deck party for our Mid-Islanders. Next comes some coaching in choreography.
















THAT'S ENTERTAINNNNNNNNNNNNMENT!!! Nassau Mid-Island Chapter bass Bill Hardman shows he has far more musical talent than just his singing, as he entertains chapter members at a recent rehearsal with some folk songs while displaying his banjo skills as well.



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