If you are reading this message, you are reflecting an interest in "barbershop" singing with a degree of familiarity through personal participation, an awareness after hearing this distinctive type of music or because you wish to learn what barbershopping is all about. Whatever the reason, the Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society (Long Island's largest chapter) is pleased that you have taken a moment to be here.

We invite you to take a look at our website links for details concerning our organization, its history, current activities, rehearsals and most importantly, how to contact us for additional information.

As a performer or listener you will find a number of indisputable rewards regarding barbershopping. Unashamed pleasure -- through barbershop chords that thrill (we have seen the smiles of our members, those on the faces of other choruses/quartets, and the smiles of audiences everywhere). You'll experience a feeling of nostalgia -- for old songs (and maybe not-so-old). Preservation -- of a style particularly and only barbershop. Camaraderie -- another given. And -- excellence. It is truly awesome how our championship-caliber performers have honed their craft.

We urge you to follow the international Barbershop Harmony Society's mandate to "Keep America Singing." Come, lend your support (and make your voice heard) insofar as our society and chapter.

We look forward to hearing from you.


George Seelinger, President - 2016
Nassau Mid-Island Chapter
Barbershop Harmony Society

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